Jens Replaces Notch

Notch is no longer the lead developer of Minecraft. Notch handed that title over to Jens Bergsensten. This means that Jens gets the last word in design decisions. Notch mentioned that he wanted to rest for a while. He said that he will still be working on Minecraft and helping out, but that he is going to start a mysterious new project.

Notch gave Jens this distinction because after a year of working together, they have realized they agree on things frequently. Disagreements, he said, always turn into something constructive. Will Minecraft take a radical new direction due to this change in leadership? It might. Jens is known to prefer Redstone circuitry, while Notch has always been more interested in exploration and adventure. But Notch is not off the project all together. Mojang will still operate with the transparency that it always has, and will still listen to the feedback of its community. We probably won’t notice anything too different.

And what of the fate of the new developers that have been hired? Can we expect to see updates on a more regular basis? Will Mojang stretch itself too thin by taking on too many projects at once? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of, [insert cliché Minecraft  comic book pun here].