Best Minecraft servers


Best Minecraft servers

There are plenty of servers for our favorite game out there. You can literally find a Minecraft server list with more than thousands upon thousands of servers all wanting you to play on them, however with all these clunkers floating around, I've decided to give you a few of my favorite servers to play on, so that you can have a starting ground when you want a new server to play on


ExtremeCraft just has it all, they offer every single one of the major game modes and even a few of the less popular ones, making them a clear choice in terms of variety, however they also offer plenty of exciting events that really spice up their platform and let you compete with other players for exciting rewards and most importantly bragging rights. They also boast one of the largest communities and obviously one of the best ones, since they are really helpful whenever you want a question answered or an issue resolved, a truly greatest of all time server all around.


UniverseMc is also one of those servers that run quite a few of different game modes for you. You can try out their Factions, prison server, Skyblock challenge and even PVP. You can even compete for real life prizes in their tournaments, however if you're going to compete id warn you that the competition is pretty stiff. Their community hasn't really impressed me as much since there's more of a competitive vibe, which might scare off first timers, however it's not like there are cheaters and hackers floating around, so there's that.


Like the name suggests this server is focused almost entirely on their prison game mode and I must say, its a really fun experience. They have custom plugins for it, they have mining tokens and their own token shop. They even have custom rank-up rewards so they reward you along the way. When they say they're the best prison server around, they aren't messing about and it their dedication shows on their server.

These are some of my favorite Minecraft servers. While I'm sure you could find others, these are the ones that really impressed me a lot and I wholeheartedly recommend you try out.