Minecraft Gameplay Hint: Infinite Water Supply


Minecraft Gameplay Hint: Infinite Water Supply

There are a lot of reasons that you'll want to have a bucket of water on your hands when playing Minecraft (fire, building, farming, irritating friends, making a moat, etc.), but it can get really irritating having to run down to the ocean every time you want some. Follow this quick tutorial, and you can have a small, endless supply of water wherever you want it!

You'll need at least 2 Iron Buckets and the ability to dig.

Now dig a straight line with 3 holes like this: If “=” equals a line, make this “===”.

Dig the 3 holes straight and then put 1 water bucket in each end. Then simply get your water from the middle hole and the water will keep regenerating, so essentially it is infinite.

Get creative with this and you can build all sorts of water features so you'll never have to worry about having water close by again.