Playing controller on Minecrat mobile?


Playing controller on Minecrat mobile?

For quite a while now, I've been playing Minecraft purely on my phone. I've only once or twice tried to play on my pc, but that wasn't my jam. So, after spending countless hours over several years worth of Minecraft on a mobile device, I've been feeling kind of bored of the game.

It just lost all its wonder and awesomeness somewhere along the way and I felt burnt out trying to play. But recently, I updated my phone to the new iOS 13 beta, and decided to take a crack at the game again with a controller.

Man, I don't know why, but that was the best decision of my whole Minecraft career. Playing on controller with my phone is bringing back all the amazement and fun I had when I was a little kid, and I haven't had such a good experience with Minecraft in a long time.

Despite the minor flaws and stuff with Bluetooth connection, it has been an awesome and mind blowing experience. It really has made me fall in love with the game again. So yeah, it's been said like a million times, but thank you Mojang for such an amazing game. Long live Minecraft!