Setting Up Sky Factory 2.5.5 Servers: A Comprehensive Installation Guide

12th July, 2023

Server Files

Minecraft, the renowned sandbox game, offers an array of modpacks that breathe new life into the beloved virtual world. Among these, Sky Factory 2.5.5 stands out as a popular modpack, providing a unique and challenging experience. Hosting your own Sky Factory 2.5.5 server allows you to embark on an adventure in the sky, starting on a single tree and expanding your world through resourceful crafting and automation. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up a Sky Factory 2.5.5 server, unleashing the skybound journey of infinite possibilities.

Minecraft Java Edition


Before diving into the installation process, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Minecraft Java Edition: Sky Factory 2.5.5 is designed for the Minecraft Java Edition, so ensure you have the latest version installed on your computer.

  • Sufficient Hardware: Running a modded server requires a capable computer with adequate RAM, CPU, and storage to handle the modpack's demands.

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE): Install the latest JRE on your computer to ensure proper execution of the server.

Renowned Sandbox Game

Download the Server Files:

  • Head to the official Sky Factory 2.5.5 website or a reputable mod hosting platform to download the server files.

  • Choose the appropriate version of the server files that match your Minecraft Java Edition version.

Create a Server Folder:

  • Create a dedicated folder on your computer to host the server files.

  • Organize the files within the folder for easy access and management.

Configure Server Properties:

  • Open the "" file within the server folder using a text editor.

  • Adjust server settings such as world name, difficulty, and server port according to your preferences.

Install Forge:

  • Download the recommended version of Forge that corresponds to Sky Factory 2.5.5.

  • Install Forge by running the installer and selecting the server folder as the installation location.

Add Sky Factory 2.5.5 Modpack:

  • Locate the "mods" folder within the server folder.

  • Download the Sky Factory 2.5.5 modpack from a reliable source and place it in the "mods" folder.

Launch the Server:

  • Run the server using the "forge.jar" file included in the Forge installation.

  • Allow the server to initialize and generate the world. The first launch may take some time.

Adjust Server Properties (Optional):

After launching the server, you can further customize settings, such as world generation or mod configurations, by exploring the modpack's config files.

Invite Friends and Start Playing:

Setting up a Sky Factory 2.5.5 server opens the door to a captivating skybound journey where players can unleash their creativity and automation skills. By following this comprehensive installation guide, you can create a server where you and your friends can thrive, starting from a single tree and building an empire in the sky. Embrace the challenge, venture forth into the void, and let the world of Sky Factory 2.5.5 captivate your imagination in the limitless expanse above. Happy sky-factory crafting!

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